Team Target is place for excellent developers. Let us know your need and we will provide best resources for you.

Choose developers based on your needs and budget


Individual Developer

If you want to start with just one developer, it is easy to start with. Single developer team is economical and easy to manage. You can grow your team any time you need to.


We excel in more than one technologies. We mainly work in Asp.Net, Mvc, Web Form, Sql Server, Nodejs, iPhone, Android but not limited to these.

Constantly in Contact

Your team will be constantly in contact with you all the time over skype. You can regularly get updates on progress and talk to them any time you want during working hours.

What other clients say

We used to keep a legacy system on a laptop and we could not update its windows because it was old desktop application but Team Target helped us build the system based on latest web technologies and now we are always up-to-date.

― Raza, Addon Communication

We use their accounting and inventory application which is awesome, we don’t have to maintain our servers any more and automatic backups are big relief!

― Ahsan, Uniformers

We love to work on challenging projects, this helps us keep us sharp on technologies.

Our Success


Since we opened in 2014 we’ve seen the companies benefited from our technical skills and economic rate. More than 12,000 hours spent.


If you are not worked with remote team then trust us you gonna love it. We make sure our developers give their 100% to their clients.


Year on year we have consistently produced the results you are looking for 6 consecutive years.

Still not Satisfied?

Why not set up a call to discuss the requirements and you can enjoy the free trial.

We will work with you for a month for free and you can test our skills in action and see how we develop, test and deliver work.

About Us

We are Team Target, a place of excellence.

We equip your business to meet all the targets you have set.